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Talent Profiles

Primeaux & Mike (2002 GRAMMY® Award winners for Best Native American Album) Harmonized prayer music, or peyote songs from the Native American Church, created and sung by Verdell Primeaux (Sioux) and Johnny Mike (Navajo) makes up the pair's latest album from Canyon Records, Bless the People. The musical chants, accompanied by rattle and water drum, are both compelling and soothing - even to the uninitiated. The excellence of the recording won it this year's Grammy.


Mary Youngblood

Mary Youngblood (Aleut/Seminole) (Native American Music Awards Best Female Artist / Best Native American flautist) is a rare female flautist, a composer and a delightful performer. Her newest release is the outstanding Beneath the Raven Moon (SilverWave).


Tito La Rosa
Photo: Tomas del Amo

Tito La Rosa (Quechua) is a renowned Peruvian master of ancient instruments. Wind instruments, percussion and chant combine with contemporary sounds to create emotional and joyful music. Mary Youngblood performs with him on his recent Silver Wave recording The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor which unites the sounds of North and South American cultures.


Mazatl Galindo
Photo: Lee Hyeoma

Master composer/musician Mazatl Galindo (pictured left) is an internationally recognized cultural ambassador of Mexico. He is an exceptional musician, dancer and painter. His creations are inspired mostly by the traditions of his Aztec ancestors.


Benito Concha
Photo: Gail Russell

Benito Concha of Taos Pueblo has performed since childhood with a wide variety of musicians in many genres. He has traveled the U.S. and internationally performing traditional dance and music. He is a master drummer and percussionist, a former member of the band Red Thunder and organizer of the Native music & dance troupe Secret Souls. Benito was among the first to use Native drums like a trap set.


Shkeme Garcia

Shkeme Garcia is high energy, charismatic performer from Santa Ana Pueblo. He is the lead singer for the Native reggae band Native Roots, a pow wow grass dancer and he sings "northern style" with the Rio Grande Singers. His musical influences include Bob Marley, Joseph Hill of the group Culture, Neville Brown, Sanchez, the Itals, A. Paul Ortega, Earth, Wind & Fire, Celia Cruz, the "queen of salsa," and the fine singers of his home at Santa Ana Pueblo.


Harlan McKosato
Photo: Lee Hyeoma

Harlan McKosato, a member of the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma, will host NR&R '02. He is Senior Producer and host of the weekday radio program Native America Calling, the first and only nationally syndicated radio show produced by Native Americans. NAC, produced at KUNM-FM in Albuquerque, is heard through the Public Radio Satellite System, the American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS) Network, and the worldwide web at

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